Are you stuck writing your thesis? Is your aim to get maximum results out of your research? Look no further, we’re here to help! We are one of the few programs who also focus on english speaking students, as we have noticed there’s too little attention given to these students and thesis's!

We are here to help you write and finish your thesis. We help and support you with structure,
whilst also thinking along with you and your ideas. We’re also always there to answer questions so
you don’t stress out, helping you to keep up your momentum. In our experience, everyone is able
to finish their Bachelor or Master thesis with the right (amount of) guidance. Do you think this
might be beneficial to you? Then come and visit us at our office for a free introductory meeting to
get the ball rolling!

Tailored to your needs:  Our coaching is always one-on-one, as no student or thesis is the same. We
mould the program to fit you, taking in to account your education and most importantly your wishes.

Flexible: We’re easy to reach, and provide both online and in-person feedback.
Our policy is to remain empathetic and reliable, meaning we problem solve with you along the
way both emotionally, and academically.

Structuring: We bring order to the chaos by developing a road map with you to determine what to
do and where you’re heading, this helps you see that shining light at the end of the tunnel.

Phrasing and spelling: You can also count on us for help with writing. We spot errors in spelling
like no other, also helping you with structure and academic language which may at first seem

Scriptiebegeleiding Utrecht consists of an enthusiastic team of coaches with varying areas of expertise. We have
wide ranging experience working as teachers and researchers as well as, thesis supervisors or
examiners for higher education and universities. This means we’re well informed of the behind the
scenes of your courses, taking that into account with our coaching. Get to know our team and
check out the descriptions below!

Foundation in college and university: Most of our coaches work for a college or university, as well as with Scriptiebegeleiding Utrecht. That way,   we are aware of the back end of things, but more importantly the pressures. Scriptiebegeleiding Utrecht knows the culture, and the requirements imposed on you and your thesis by the program. We use the course as the guideline, and draw up a step-by-step plan using that knowledge for support.

Young and approachable: Although we are not as young as we would like to be anymore, we work in a team of young
coaches. One student recently said, “Because I received guidance from someone in my own age
group, I felt like I could be myself.” We think it’s very important to be approachable and to get on
each others level, so it’s great to know that it has worked both ways.

What separates us from other coaching programs is our expertise. Some of our colleagues are
university teachers who specialise in statistics and SPSS. Statistics:
What can be done about all those numbers and formulas, plus how can you get the SPSS to
actually do the work for you? Our team is eager to help answer all your queries on statistics. With
our guidance you will learn that statistics don’t deserve their reputation as a confusing obstacle
after all.

Our Methods are as follows:
• We discuss your specific questions to find out what exactly the problem is eg. Collecting data,
choosing the right statistical test or analysing and interpreting your data.
• Figuring this out in a one-on-one session makes this fast and efficient.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your stat-related questions!


Student HBO Sportmarketing

Voor mij was het ideaal om iedere week een aantal hoofdstukken aan te passen, dit op te sturen en de dag erna samen door te spreken. Hierdoor werd er in kleine stappen naar een goed eindresultaat toegewerkt. Ik had zelf namelijk aan het begin het overzicht niet meer. De scriptiebegeleiding was voor mij de ideale manier om mijn scriptie van een 4,1 naar een 6,7 te halen.